Enzo Brand’s Private Selection at yo.urenzo.com

There are many great products available through the Enzo Private Selection site (yo.urenzo.com). Enzo Brand is built on its amazing matcha preparation, but there are a host of other great health related items that I didn’t expect to find in their collection, like travel pillows and environmentally safe food containers. Matcha is a special concentrated power made from green tea leaves (only the leaf, no stems or veins) that delivers all the benefits associated with the plant, but at a much higher concentration than traditional green tea preparations. Enzo produces some of the best matcha in the world. It’s also available on enzomatcha.com, where the site is dedicated to the super-healthy product.


The yourenzo site features much more than just matcha, and people can sign up for a user account and newsletter. This is a great way to keep track as they add more products, which seems to be something that will happen a lot. The travel pillows are a nice addition and look great in several colors. Anyone who has travelled for long periods knows how valuable one of these pillows can be, but those in Enzo’s Private Selection at yo.urenzo.com are made to be the best. A ton of design considerations have gone into their development, like maximizing neck support with shape and using memory foam . It all paid off in a great product. yo.urenzo.com/product-category/travel-pillow/

People can also find the travel pillow through enzocomfort.com, but that site surprisingly reveals another interesting product that is not found on either the yourenzo site or enzomatcha.com. There is an all-natural mosquito repellent bracelet that is actually cool looking. It’s made of a special kind of microfiber so it feels normal against the skin, is environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or give off any weird smells. It just goes to show that Enzo Brand is creating cutting-edge products all the time. I’d recommend anyone to sign up at yo.urenzo.com, because there’s no telling where they are headed next.